MUTUAL FUNDS - Your Road to Wealth Creation

Mehta Wealth Management Services offers iFAST -Wrap Account. The Wrap Account is an account that lets the adviser propose investment options that suit the client’s needs. At the same time, it allows clients to “wrap” all their mutual fund transactions and holdings into one account, giving them substantial advantages. 

The clients fill in forms only once and sign only one cheque at the time of opening the account.

Through the account, clients have access to all the best schemes of multiple AMCs. 

Purchase of any of these schemes can be completed online, without the need to process additional payments. 

Seamless Switching between all funds.

The client and adviser continue to have full control over the investment decisions – transactions are proposed by the adviser (Mehta Wealth Management) and have to be approved by the client. 

This account is also bundled with the other advantages of being on the iFAST platform (consolidation, online transactions, regular and in-depth reporting), making this a compelling proposition for wealth creation goals.

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