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Health Insurance

Health Insurance for yourself and your loved ones is now a necessity. You can now buy Health Insurance for yourself, your family, your parents and in-laws as well. We at Mehta Wealth Management Services help you to compare best of the health plans and service them regularly.
Options Available:
- Individual Health Insurance
- Family Floater Health Insurance
- Top-up Insurance
- Senior Citizen Insurance

Critical Illness

This is a specialised cover only for critical illnesses and can be bought as an additional cover or standalone cover, irrespective of who the basic health insurer is. This policy is taken as a benefit plan, under which lumpsum compensation is given on detection of a critical illness. The insured can use this money not just for hospitalisation, but also for day-to-day expenses, without tapping into their savings.
Common illnesses covered under a critical illness policy include cancer, first heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and major organ or bone marrow transplantation. Policy premiums differ based on the requirements of the individual and the add-ons chosen. It also differs from city to city, as healthcare costs are much higher in larger cities.

Accidental Insurance

Individual Accident Policies covers Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Permanent Partial Disablement and Temporary Total Disablement (TTD) due to Accident. 
Options Available:
- Individual 
- Family

Life Insurance

Life insurance policy provides you assurance that your family will get financial security and support even when you are not around. This is the best way where the insured person can save his family from financial crisis at the time of any mishappening or after death, but prior to this it's necessary to compare best life insurance policies offered by different companies, necessary compare contract terms, cost, premium quotes, limitations and benefits.
Options Available:
- Term Insurance
- Endowment Policies
- Others

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